Las Vegas Events Photography Services

Photographer for Hire

What does that mean?

-You need a photographer to capture candid, and some times posed images for your birthday, sporting events, corporate activities, family reunions, Life Events...

-You want to hire the photographer by the day, or by the hour.

-The photographer will not retain copyrights of the photos of the event (unless an agreement is made to retain some or portion of the images for photographer use).

-You will receive all the digital images in a CD, USB drive or via online download to use, share and print as you wish.

-This is not a portrait service: there are no detailed pre-session consultation, or extensive planning; the photographer does not necessarily offer wall art packages (canvas, metal prints, archival quality prints...) or albums. Although they are available for the client through the photographer.  There is no photographic products design. No image editing, unless requested for an additional charge.

-You want a quick in-an-out photographer so to speak :)

Why do you want to hire a photographer for your event?

You want someone dedicated to capture those split-of-a-second moments, the emotions, the celebrations, the details, while you and your guests enjoy the day to the fullest.


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